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Skin Treatments

We know that choosing a service from a long service menu can be really confusing, especially if you're new to the world of skincare treatments. 

So we've taken the guesswork out by offering just 3 treatment options to start.

Once you've chosen a treatment, you can select any 'Add-On' if you know what you'd like to include at the time of your visit.  But if you don't know, don't sweat it, we can discuss it and decide together!

Let us do the work by customizing each individual treatment, based on your unique skincare goals and needs!

Here are our 3 options...

For Starters



The New-Client, Total Skin Experience  |  $85

→ This experience is specifically designed for the new client unsure of where to begin his or her skincare journey, especially those who have never experienced a facial treatment before!


What can you expect??  You can expect a safe space for self care.  Before your arrival we make sure our space is clean & sanitized.  Then we dim the lights, warm the freshly made facial bed, and turn on soft, relaxing music.  We want you to feel like the weight on your shoulders is melting away during your hour of total relaxation & self care.  Be still & let us treat you and your unique skin!


We will also discuss your health history, skincare goals & concerns, create an in-studio treatment plan, and also create a new at-home skincare routine to benefit the health of your skin!

The Custom Facial  | $85

→ This custom skin treatment is the perfect blend of pampering and results. It includes customized treatments based on each individuals skincare goals and concerns, along with a face, hand, arm & shoulder massage.

The Custom Hydrafacial  |  $190


→ Get the best skin of your life with our most popular treatment! The Hydrafacial is a resurfacing treatment that clears out your pores, and hydrates and plumps your skin. This Hydrafacial treatment starts with a double cleanse along with a face, neck & shoulder massage. From there, we'll deeply cleanse and exfoliate with a gentle peel to uncover a new layer of skin. Then we'll gently extract impurities from the pores with painless gentle suction. (Everyone's favorite part!) The skin will then be saturated with intense moisturizers and nourishing, personalized ingredients, targeting specific skin concerns for each individual.  Enjoy a hand & arm massage while wrapping up this treatment under our LED light.


*We recommend enhancing this treatment with a Dermaplane Add-On for the ultimate skin treatment!

Fan Fave Add Ons

Dermaplane  $40  


→ Combo any of our treatments with a Dermaplane to clarify, smooth & bring major glow back to your skin.  The Dermaplane will remove dead skin and vellus hair, letting your products work more efficiently and giving you a smooth canvas for makeup.  This is our most popular add-on!

Chemical Peel  $15  


→ In as few as three treatments, peels can prompt cellular turnover to promote new cell growth, stimulate & strengthen collagen to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, stimulate production of new blood vessels leading to improved skin tone, fade dark spots, soften rough patches, increase hydration, reduce inflammation and even unclog blocked pores making Peels great for breakout prone skin as well as the healthy aging journey! 

Neck & Decollete Hydrafacial Treatment  $45  


→ Continue the Hydrafacial treatment down to the Neck & Decollete with this add on.

Specialty Facial Treatments


Our ALL NEW Specialty Facials, designed for the seasoned facial client, who knows exactly what he or she wants!

Seasonal Facial Treatment  $105


Bring on spring with the perfect blend of fruit acids, enzymes, and clarifying clay that work together to shed winter skin. Nourish freshly revitalized skin with honey and calendula while the brightening powers of peach and vitamin C leave skin glowing and protected with a big dose of antioxidants.


An all new Hydrating eye treatment will elevate this treatment! A Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage, and Hand & Arm massage are both included. 60 min. *The Seasonal Facial Treatment will change seasonally, and prices will vary accordingly.

Clear Skin Treatment  $120


→ Designed specifically for acne prone skin, this one of a kind treatment begins with a double cleanse with mini massage, followed by a delicious cocoa enzyme mask to loosen and unclog pores. Extractions will follow as necessary and a gentle Clear-Skin peel will be applied. Then we will build back up the barrier of the skin under a cascade of hydrating serums and mask. Blue LED Light Therapy wraps up this clarifying treatment. 60 min.

Firming Peptide "Faux-Tox" Facial  $185


→ When you need a lift, you need the work that goes Beyond Botox. This treatment protects, rejuvenates, and catapults your cells to regenerate, tighten, and firm. This treatment aggressively yet gently, addresses the symptoms of aging skin from the very first treatment, resulting in a lasting, more youthful appearance. Our Firming Peptide “Faux-tox” treatment includes the therapeutic benefits of a custom facial while incorporating dermaplane exfoliation, a light peel, Circadia’s Firming Peptide Treatment, and a complimentary session of Red LED Light Therapy. This treatment is excellent before a big event or if you just want to feel great and get noticed.  90 min.

But if you're in a Hurry


The following "Express" Treatments are 30 minutes each.

They are designed to be quick, and do not include massage.

Express Facial  $65   ...also a great option for Teens!

→ A great lunch-time treatment, and also a popular teen facial!  Includes a deep cleanse, two treatment masks and the application of SPF and a lip hydrator.

Express Dermaplane  $65


→ One of our most popular treatments.  Includes a deep cleanse, dermaplane and one treatment mask.

Express Peel  $75


→ When your skin needs targeted treatment but you're short on time.  Includes a deep cleanse, one treatment mask, one layer of peel solution specific to your skins' needs, and an application of SPF and a lip hydrator.

Express Hydrafacial  $150


→ This is a great choice for someone who wants to find out what a Hydrafacial is all about, at a lower price point.  Please remember, because this is a 30 minute treatment, it is a very focused treatment without the fluff.

Acne Bootcamp


Struggling with acne?  You've made it to the right place!

We provide a clear skin solution to those suffering from acne.  We know the pain, insecurity, shame and heartbreaking toll that acne can cause.  Together we can bring peace and ease to acne sufferers without the use of prescription drugs.  This Acne Bootcamp Program is a safe, life long solution for clear skin.  Not only do these products heal, treat and maintain clear skin, they also provide anti-aging and a host of other benefits as well.  A cornerstone of our approach is that people suffering from acne don't have to turn to antibiotics or prescription drugs to achieve clear skin!

What actually is Acne???

Acne is an inherited condition of the pores.  Acne prone pores contain abnormally sticky skin cells, and they shed five times the healthy amount of dead skin cells per day.  These two things cause the pores to clog.  Add in excess oil, dirt, makeup and bacteria and now you've thrown gas on the fire.

Our premium products and comprehensive treatments makes clear skin possible, with a proven 95% success rate!  Our system provides a safe and holistic treatment method, that accounts for lifestyle, whole body function and expertly formulated products tailored to each individual clients needs.

This is a 3-6 month program that requires your full commitment. You will use our recommended, acne-safe product line exclusively, and we will work as a team to decide if and what changes need to be made to your diet, lifestyle, makeup, etc. in order to get you clear!

Remember, this program is only for those who are committed, and requires EXCLUSIVE use of our proven acne skincare line, Face Reality.

Acne Bootcamp Consultation  $95

→ Our Face Reality Acne Bootcamp is designed to clear your skin by getting to the root cause of your acne. To get started we will first meet to go over all the details of the program, as well as your lifestyle and health history so that we can design a custom treatment plan and home skincare regimen to get you clear!  60 min.

Acne Bootcamp Treatment  $110


→ Treatments are recommended every 2-4 weeks depending on the individual.  Each treatment will include a double cleanse, corrective peel, extractions as needed, LED treatment, and finishing products.  You must have had an Acne Bootcamp Consultation with us before booking this treatment.  45 min.

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