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Skincare. Ok, But Where Do I Start???

Ok, so I know it's been in the 80's this week, BUT... It’s definitely feeling like fall with the pumpkin patches opening back up, football is back on TV, THANK GOD, and I may have already made a few pots of chili.  And even though it hasn't been too cold outside, my hands are ALREADY drying out!  UGH, anyone else??? 

So this leads me to a question I hear a lot in the treatment room!  "I want to start using good quality skincare, but I just don't know where start???"

Well, we all know a good quality facial cleanser is the best place to start.  After all, if you're not getting all of the excess oil, makeup and dirt off of the skin then nothing else you put on the skin is going to work very well.

BUT, after a good cleanser, what comes next???  Anyone...?  You got it!  TONER!!!!!  So let me convince you on why you NEED a toner in your life!  

Let me take you back to high school science class for a moment!  You might remember learning about the PH Scale, or maybe not!  HA HA!  PH stands for Potential of Hydrogen, and the scale ranges from 0-14.  The lower the number on the scale the more acidic a product is (battery acid is a 0), and the higher the number the more alkaline, a product is (bleach is a 11-12).  A seven on the scale is neutral.  Pure distilled water has a PH of 7. 

Our skin's PH should be, and is at its happiest, when it's at a 5.5.  It's a bit acidic!  The reason our skin is more acidic is actually one of the skins natural defense mechanisms.  We have a barrier on the skin called the acid mantle that has a healthy biome of bacteria which protects the skin.  When we add something to the skin that is too acidic, or too alkaline, that acid mantle or protection barrier can be compromised.  This can cause the skin to become irritated or dry out.  While Sorella Apothecary cleansers are PH balanced, tap water is not.  It has a PH of anywhere from 6.5 to 8.5.  So when you rinse off your cleanser the PH of the skin has now changed because of the tap water.  

This brings me to TONER's!  Toner is meant to bring the skin's PH back to it's happy place just before putting on serums and moisturizers!!  When the PH of the skin is where it should be, the skin will receive serums and moisturizers at its highest potential!

*Just a SIDE NOTE for all of you BAR SOAP FANS - Bar soap has a PH of 9-10, which will wreak havoc on the skins acid mantle.  So if you are adamant about cleansing with bar soap, GIRL, get yourself some Sorella Toner ASAP!!!

Sorella Apothecary has two different Toners.  The Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist and the Spiced Wine Toner.  Our Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist contains Hyaluronic Acid for hydrating and watermelon extract which is a natural astringent.  One of my favorite things about it is that it can be used as a setting spray, and you can mist it for extra hydration throughout day.  If your skin is more oily you can use this in the morning and the Spiced Wine toner in the evening.

The Spiced Wine toner is great for more oily skin types as it has a mild exfoliating property to it.  It can be misted onto the skin as well, or you can spray it on a cotton round and wipe over the skin to remove anything left after cleansing.  Because of its exfoliating properties it is also a great option for men to use after shaving to help with razor bumps and to keep ingrown hairs at bay!  It also has some pumpkin extract in it so it can be a little spicy. But oh so delicious especially for fall! 

Honestly, I would use a toner as a bath water if I could! HA!  But seriously....

Both Toners are available in full size, but also as mini's, so if you like to carry a toner in your purse for hydration throughout the day, Mini's would be perfect!

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